Sustainable Tabling

A quick guide to more planet-friendly promotional events

Take a moment to reflect

Before you rush to print hundreds of quarter sheets, consider your event goals. The prompts below may help guide you toward more sustainable tabling.

  • How do you want people to remember your table among the many present at the event?
  • What information do you need to collect from people interested in your group?
  • What materials do you already have and how much money do you have to spend?
  • How can your tabling materials be adaptable for different events and weather?
  • What makes your group unique and something you are excited to lead?
Photo of students laughing and having fun at a tabling event.

Make it fun

  • Provide a quick but engaging activity. Example: A music club might have live voting for people’s favorite artists or trivia about local venues.
  • Offer a social media competition. (Bonus: gain new followers!) Example: A fashion magazine might have people tag them in a photo or video clip of a favorite thrifted outfit.

Keep it simple

  • Use a tablet or laptop instead of paper to collect emails. It won’t fly away in the wind!
  • Have a QR code for more information instead of printing flyers, which often just get tossed.
  • Minimize giveaways. Try having a few nicer prizes instead of many little ones. Even small candies can lead to litter and waste.

Be inclusive

Save money

  • Don’t include the year or date on materials or giveaways so that they can be used later on.
  • If you need paper weights, choose reusable items you already have. Example: A hockey club might use pucks, or a dance club might use pointe shoes.
  • Instead of making a new tabling poster each year, make or buy a reusable display and pass it down to new leadership. Chalk boards and white boards work great and you can typically pick them up from a local thrift store.