Sustainabilibuddies: Connect with Your Peers

Sustainabilibuddies is a new peer-mentorship program open to all Planet Blue Ambassadors. The aim is to foster a sense of community among our Ambassadors across campus. We hope to introduce Ambassadors to others in the campus community who are passionate about sustainability, with the idea that participants will make new connections, share success stories and challenges, and learn from each other.

Who will participants be paired with?

Each participant will be matched with a sustainabilibuddy of the same affiliation at U-M (i.e. students will be paired with students, and staff will be paired with staff). In addition, each pair of sustainabilibuddies will be a part of a small group made up of several buddy pairs.

What is the commitment to participate?

To ensure the Sustainabilibuddies program provides value to all participants, we strongly encourage buddies to meet (virtually) at least once a month and small groups to meet once a semester over the course of the 2020-2021 academic year. To help you get started, PBA staff will send out a discussion guide to all participants. The program will run through the academic year, but hopefully the relationships established through this program will last long after!

How do I get involved?

Apply now! Once all of the applications have been received, PBA program staff will match buddy pairs based on participant goals, experience, and interests as stated in your applications. Please note, we will do our best to match buddies, but success will be dependent on the applications we receive, and there is a small possibility that we may not be able to provide a match to all applicants.