Community Justice Style: What Action Should You Take Next?

Oftentimes, when we talk about sustainability we talk about the individual choices we make to contribute to a better planet, but it is also important to give our attention to environmental justice and social justice as well because these go hand-in-hand. Many environmental challenges are unique and tend to affect BIPOC communities the most. Luckily there is so much shared power that can be accessed in communities like economic resources, social capital, and the ability to organize people and resources. This is why some of the most effective work that you can do to contribute to the movement is to get involved within your own community. Consider where you work, attend school, or even the neighborhood you live in. There are likely meetings that you can attend that could influence processes or policies, an organization you could join and learn from, or individuals as interested in sustainability and environmental justice as you! Take this quiz to get some ideas on how you can contribute in your community!

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