Exploring Our New Sustainability Resource Toolkit

I’ve been working with the Planet Blue Ambassador program for about six months now, and one of the most commonly asked questions I receive is, “How can I impact sustainability on campus or at home as an individual?” Across the university, sustainability professionals provide outlets for individuals to get involved in campus sustainability  through co-curricular student engagement programs  and workplace initiatives. In addition to these structured programs, sometimes individuals, student groups, and departments need specific resources to empower their individual sustainable activities. The Planet Blue Ambassador program has compiled a new online sustainability resource toolkit for the U-M community that includes everything from information about bike rentals and EV chargers on campus to resources about climate anxiety and food access. 

Resources are available for all three University of Michigan campuses, and you can filter by U-M campus and audience (student, faculty, or staff) to find resources that are specific to you! The toolkit can also be filtered by topics including basic needs, events, waste, transportation, academics, “just for fun” resources, and information for community members working in an office or lab.

To use the filter feature, simply click “Filter” on the top of the table, and click “Add Condition.” Then use the drop-down menu labeled “Name” to select U-M Campus, Audience, or Topic. Click on “Select an Option” to choose which tags you would like to be visible. 

To perform a keyword search, click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the table.

GIF of how to filter the toolkit

Finally, I want to highlight several resources included in our toolkit that might be underutilized or are particularly useful:

  • Sustainable Tabling Guide – This is a new resource that we have developed to help student organizations and departments consider reducing the impact of tabling events. It’s available as a PDF one-pager or accessible web format.
  • Sustainability Walking Tour – Take a walk around campus sustainability features and enjoy the June weather and a free cup of coffee! 
  • Academic Advising Guide – For advisors and faculty as well as students interested in sustainability, this guide is a one-stop resource for academic, funding, and co-curricular sustainability opportunities across campus.
  • Transportation Resources – There are several resources in the toolkit that provide practical information for however you get to campus. You can find public transportation, bike, and carpool resources, plus information about Ann Arbor’s new e-bikes! 

There are already more than 50 resources available in the toolkit, and we plan to continue adding resources, so check back regularly. If you know of additional resources that are missing or don’t find something you would like to learn about, please reach out to pba-information@umich.edu with your request.

I hope this toolkit will provide you with the resources you need to make at least one new sustainable change in your life!