Which U-M Sustainability Club Should You Join?

Have you ever wanted to get involved with sustainability on campus, but felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of sustainability-related clubs and organizations? Or maybe you know your way around PitE Club, but you still want to learn about more sustainability clubs? Either way, take this quiz about your favorite spots on campus, and we’ll give you a susty club recommendation – or several! 

Please keep in mind that no matter which result you get, if any of these clubs/orgs catch your interest or align with your passions or just sound fun, you should get involved! There is no one type of person that should be in any of these clubs (and in my experience, the more different perspectives in an organization, the more insightful, effective, and lasting the effects of the work that organization does will be). This quiz is just a fun way to learn about some clubs that interact with similar issues or areas of sustainability (such as UMSFP and the Campus Farm) and to celebrate many aspects of sustainability-related culture and community on campus. 

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